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I don't plan anything like I used to.  It doesn't mean the dreams have changed.  I still want to publish a book someday.  If it doesn't happen, it will be for a reason that I can or cannot control, such as falling into a manhole occupied by the only grizzly bear in the UK sanitation system (or just a regular hole).  Most likely it will be a result of a lack of inspiration.  Maybe that's what lazy writers (like me) say.  What is inspiration anyway?  Is it like love in that something, other than a butterfly, is inducing a feeling inside you, except in me, it might only last a short while.  In that moment where your brain is stimulated, ideas flow and then my pen floats up to my left hand, the book opens on a blank page and a dance begins.  Sometimes the choreography is a bit messy as I mostly engage in note taking.  There is no set format.  Just observations or ideas.  Usually, I run into old notes and think that was $hit (quite often) because I have to be my worst critic.  I can't treat a novel like a post on a blog.  It's got to be better than that. 

The fear is, that, the best I can I can do may not be good enough.  I'm not kidding myself and certainly won't try to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.  However, If you can't write, it doesn't mean you should give up.  I know I have improved vastly since I started.  I often look at the earlier stories and can see the difference.  I feel wiser and can talk a lot more about many subjects.  My opinions have a bit more validity.  But, the learning never stops.  The more you learn, the less you need to wait for inspiration to come along.  That's how it is for me anyway. 


Speed of the Sloth!

I'm definitely a creature not too dissimilar to a sloth.  I'm not as handsome as one but we share the same kinds of speed.  The only difference here is I'm slow at keeping in touch with people but not slow of movement.  Unless I want to take a nap.  I would probably get on well with Garfield if I wasn't at war with his fellow species.  I don't mind cats usually but a minority along my road are kicking up a stink.  They think my garden is a shitter and battle ground for stand offs.  I just want them to skedaddle.

So, this is me.  Lazy boy.  I might be in your circle but I'm not proactive in socialising.  I guess most of us are the same.  If you friend me and we don't talk, don't be offended.  It's just me.  I would have read your profile and will hopefully get around to being more interactive at some point, So, bear with me. 

Epers of the stupid kind

So, after joining up on here, a few weeks have passed by and I've started to settle in.  Invariably, I answer a lot of questions and I like word play, so I mess around and make lots of comments which can often result in confusing the odd Eper.  Some of them are really stupid and these aren't even teenagers.  I've ignored them all until now - I am compelled to remind them with a pointless explanation of the use of some of my words but I know I'm wasting my time.  I'm on here because it is an amusing distraction.  I guess, it is expected to run into Epers who have no imagination like the lady yesterday with $10,000 dollars in the street question.  What a silly moo! 

I would read all these questions about people blocking people and think that's a bit excessive but now I get it :P  I have not blocked anyone yet and don't mind who blocks me.  I have a lot of opinions and there are a lot of folk on here that might not understand where I'm coming from.  A few stupid Epers here and there in the community.  I will try to ignore them but it depends on my mood.  

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