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So, after joining up on here, a few weeks have passed by and I've started to settle in.  Invariably, I answer a lot of questions and I like word play, so I mess around and make lots of comments which can often result in confusing the odd Eper.  Some of them are really stupid and these aren't even teenagers.  I've ignored them all until now - I am compelled to remind them with a pointless explanation of the use of some of my words but I know I'm wasting my time.  I'm on here because it is an amusing distraction.  I guess, it is expected to run into Epers who have no imagination like the lady yesterday with $10,000 dollars in the street question.  What a silly moo! 

I would read all these questions about people blocking people and think that's a bit excessive but now I get it :P  I have not blocked anyone yet and don't mind who blocks me.  I have a lot of opinions and there are a lot of folk on here that might not understand where I'm coming from.  A few stupid Epers here and there in the community.  I will try to ignore them but it depends on my mood.  

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